Atlantic air solutions


The private flights are no longer a luxury. With the internationalisation and the current dynamism of the economy, the aerotaxi services have become an essential resource, within reach of nearly any company. The quality/price ratio and the added value obtained by arriving at your appointments faster, rested, in the best condition to tend to your business, are key elements for opting for this means of transportation.

Travelling on a private flight allows you to gain time for what is important, reducing discomfort, bureaucratic procedures and other unplanned events. Our flights are efficient, rapid and direct. They allow passengers to meet in any city and return home on the same day (the family will thank you!). Or else visit countries in a brief period of time, something impossible for regular commercial aviation. In many cases, the flight plan is more economic in a private service than using the large companies.

Atlantic Air Solutions makes available to its clients the most modern private jets of the market. We study each request in order to offer the best solution, and adapts better to the client’s needs and to their budget.

We do not want to be your occasional provider; we want to be your principal option for air travel.

Ops24 is a support service ensuring that your trip is done under the supervision of our team of experts, to proceed according to our rigorous requirements of safety each time you fly.

Atlantic Air Solutions operates worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Atlantic’s operations centre provides the clients immediate access to submit their request. A telephone call or a simple e-mail are sufficient for Atlantic to begin to tend to your needs.

Our division of Ops24 has highly qualified personnel to solve your needs at any time. There is always a member of our team available to take your call – day or night, 365 days a year.

Remember, Atlantic Air Solutions is always open for you. Don’t waste your time, call us in any place and at any hour; enjoy the Atlantic experience.

We plan your private business or pleasure flight in detail, responding to each request in a personalised, efficient and creative way, with the seriousness that business requires and with the complicity and excitement of a getaway to a dream destination.

We have a wide range of possibilities. We can take you to any place in the world on the day and at the time you indicate, with the number of passengers that you deem appropriate. All this in the most modern jets and with the highest safety and comfort standards.

You are not reserving a flight; you are ordering an unforgettable experience.

Because of our own history, Atlantic Air Solutions is the best consultant to advise those clients who, due to their business needs, wish to acquire a Private Jet.

Atlantic makes a personalised study from the moment in which our client contacts us. Simply transmit your interest to us and Atlantic will put all our knowledge at your service. With transparency and thinking of offering you the solution that you really need, optimising your investment, avoiding unnecessary expenses and guaranteeing the result that you need.

Having made the purchase, Atlantic Air Solutions can also manage the operation of your private jet if you wish.

  • We offer a 24H operations centre to manage your flights worldwide.
  • We have contracts with maintenance centres authorised by the most important aeronautical manufacturers, ensuring the highest standards of safety at every moment.
  • We have reached important agreements with fuel supply companies to ensure the most competitive costs to our clients.
  • We have experienced crews, undergoing continuous training, who can take the controls of your aircraft with the utmost security.
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Vehicle rental

Once on land, we complete your trip by organising the best transportation that beetter adapts to your needs. In the destination airport terminal, you will have the vehicle you want waiting for you, from a taxi to a limousine, or any other option, such as vans, microbuses or rental vehicles with or without drivers. At Atlantic, we dedicate our time to optimise yours.


Atlantic Air Solutions manages your cargo transport in the same efficient and professional way as we approach the transport of people. We pay special attention to the care of your product during the entire process.


Atlantic can offer you a wide range of gastronomic possibilities to enjoy during the flight. Tell us what you would like or let us present some favourite suggestions of our clients.
Begin the day with a continental breakfast or enjoy a quiet dinner on board after a day of satisfactory meetings. The quality will be guaranteed at every moment, even fulfilling the expectations of the most exquisite gourmet.


If you travel for business or pleasure, turning to navigation means an added special element to an already unique experience. Whether it is to enjoy as a family or with friends, or to hold a business meeting with the greatest possible discretion, we offer the option of including the boat in your “flight pack”.


We can organise the helicopter pick up at the destination airport so that you arrive comfortably to your meeting point. We extend the speed, safety and comfort that you enjoyed during the flight to your destination travel.


At Atlantic, we understand that the person who turns to our services has a loaded agenda and does not have extra time. For this reason, we can manage your lodging needs. We listen to your situation, we propose the best alternatives and, if you wish, we make your reservations. Because with Atlantic’s services, rest begins much before reaching your room.